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Tailor-made Features

The following are some of the features in The GFA (The Grassroots Football App).

Player Insights at a Glance

Explore cumulative player statistics – goals, assists, comments, and more – in an intuitive format.

Club's Organized Realms

Effortlessly navigate through well-organized sections, from club history to player profiles.

Effortless Club Management

Schedule, modify, and manage players with ease. Seamlessly integrated tools for administrators to control the club's dynamics.

Personalized Autobiography

Creative player, coach, and manager profile pages with insights into their views on life, best moments, and more.

Effortless Search Functionality

Swiftly locate personalities with a user-friendly search bar, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Unique Club Themes

Immerse in the club's identity with optional theme poems celebrating memorable moments and achievements.

Capturing Personal Stories

Effortlessly capturing player stories—club journey, position, dream FC, standout moments, hobbies, and nationality—this feature paints vivid pictures and strengthens community bonds through diverse and compelling narratives.

  • Inception Year with FC
  • Playing Position
  • Dream FC
  • Best Moments
  • Hobbies
  • Nationality

This feature adds a personal touch to the GFA App, celebrating the unique stories that make up the fabric of your grassroots football community.

Empowering Player Performance

Beyond players' stories, our app delves into the realm of statistics, providing in-depth insights into player performance.

This feature ensures a comprehensive and structured analysis of player statistics, enhancing the understanding of their contributions on the field. It's a dynamic process, adding depth to the player's journey and taking their performance to the next level.

Club Admin Mastery

Empowering your organization's control, our Club Admin features provide comprehensive tools for seamless management and customization.

  • Schedule and Post to social media Upcoming Fixtures and Events
  • Easily Modify Player, Coach, and Team information
  • Showcase New Club Sponsors and their impact
  • Expand Your Horizon with addition of New Leagues, Clubs, and Match Locations

Club Admin: Shape your club's digital presence with ease. Create banners, manage transitions, introduce new elements, and streamline management—all at your fingertips.



Choose the perfect plan for your GFA App experience.

Features Team of 30 Club Members Team of 30+ Club Members
Monthly Price £49.99pcm £69.99pcm
Yearly Price (per month) £39.99pcm (Billed annually) or £479.88/yr £59.99pcm (Billed annually) or £719.88/yr
Player Profiles ✔️ Full Access ✔️ Full Access
Match Updates ✔️ Real-time ✔️ Real-time
Database Management ✔️ Included ✔️ Included
Social Media Integration ✔️ Latest Posts ✔️ Latest Posts
Custom Branding ✔️ Tailored to Club's Look ✔️ Tailored to Club's Look
WhatsApp Integration ✔️ Match Statistics ✔️ Match Statistics
Admin Access ✔️ Create/Modify and Post Content ✔️ Create/Modify and Post Content
Club Sponsors ✔️ Add/Showcase Sponsors ✔️ Add/Showcase Sponsors
Player Statistics ✔️ Goals, Assists, Cards ✔️ Goals, Assists, Cards
Push Notifications ✔️ Updates from Coaches ✔️ Updates from Coaches
24/7 Support ✔️ Available ✔️ Available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why The GFA App?

    The GFA App is your go-to solution for an enriched grassroots football experience. Packed with dynamic features, it provides real-time player insights, match updates, and seamless club management.

    Elevate your club's digital presence with the GFA App, redefining how you engage with the game.

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel or change your subscription plan at any time. We understand that needs may evolve, and we aim to provide a hassle-free experience for our users.

  • No, the GFA App is exclusively designed for mobile devices and is not configured to operate on websites.

  • Players, coaches, and managers can easily modify their profiles by logging in with provided OTP sent to them securely, empowering them to update personal details within The GFA App.

    Additionally, club administrators have exclusive access to log in and make changes, ensuring centralized control over player information, coaching staff details, match statistics, and other pertinent content for efficient app management.

  • Our app subscription plans offer flexibility. For a team of 30 club members, it's $49.99 per month, or $39.99 per month if billed annually. For larger teams with 30+ members, it's $69.00 per month, or $59.99 per month if billed annually.

    Choose the plan that suits your club's needs.

  • Yes, all pricing options provide comprehensive access to all features, including database management capabilities.



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